She’s Everyone’s Favourite! Paul Hollywood’s Number One Girl Ruby Tandoh Is Tipped To Win The Great British Bake Off

A witness in the case told police that he heard four to five gunshots and a slight pause before two more shots rang out that night. He went outside and saw a pony-tailed woman and a man in dark clothing run away from the scene. The witness then saw Rivera injured in the alley and dialed 911. Photos: Mug shots of famous athletes Rivera was shot in the temple, arms, spinal column and the chest, according to an arrest warrant. Goff was charged with premeditated murder and was arrested Tuesday. At a first-appearance court hearing Wednesday, she was ordered held without bond in jail. According to documents read in court by Broward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley, the slaying was orchestrated by Goff. The day after the killing, Goff told a detective that she had spent the day with Rivera at ArtsPark at Young Circle, but lost sight of him at North Dixie Highway and Taft Street, police said. She told the detective that she continued walking home alone at that point, police said. Goff then provided a different account, saying she was with Rivera when he was shot. She said Rivera became angered when he saw Goff greet another man known as “Dread” with a hug, the warrant said. Goff said “Dread” then shot Rivera and she fled the scene and later went to the park to get drunk, because she was upset, authorities said. However, when police reviewed surveillance video of a nearby home, it did not show Goff, “Dread” or Rivera involved in an altercation.

But should she miss out on the prize, were sure Paul will lend her a shoulder to cry on. Finalists: Frances Quinn (left) has been baking since aged five whilst Kimberley Wilson won Star Baker for the first time in the semi final after wowing judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry Hollywood has this week denied giving preferential treatment to the former model because of her looks, but his flirtatious behaviour hasnt escaped the attention of viewers. The judge, who left Alexandra, 49, his wife of 15 years, amid an attempt to launch his career in the US and reports of a relationship with his US co-star Marcela Valladolid, 35, told the Radio Times: ‘Personally I think Kimberley’s far prettier. With all the love in the world, Ruby’s not my type. It’s all over: Beca Lyne-Pirkis crashed out of the bake off tent in Tuesday night’s semi final ‘But she’s a great baker, one of the most talented bakers who has walked in that tent. He added: ‘My job is to judge what goes on the plate. Always has been, always will be. I don’t judge the person – Mary will back me up on this – because it’s not one judge doing this. It’s two. And we both say the same thing.’ Meanwhile, Tandoh, who is studying for a philosophy degree, said that she was not bothered by accusations of favouritism. She said: ‘It’s easy to brush it off because I know how it was in the tent – and there was no favouritism. It was all very fair so that doesn’t get to me very much.’ It’s in their hands: Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will crown their champion in the final Whether’s she’s the judges favourite or not, Ruby faces stiff competition in the final from clothes designer Frances, who has baking since the age of five. 31-year-old Frances has wowed Paul and Mary with her ambitious creations but will need to ensure her final bakes achieve that all important substance over style that strict Paul insists upon. The final competitor is 30-year-old psychologist Kimberley who won her first elusive Star Baker title in the semi-final on Tuesday.

How Hollywood Celebrities Stay in Shape

“If you were in a movie that was opening in two weeks and two million people were going to critique how you look, you’d feel the same pressure to get to the gym.” Even if there are no red carpets in your future, you can still channel stars’ can-do mind-set. We’ve leveled the playing field, tapping the most respected trainers for their secrets to scoring a great body, minus the hefty price tag. How Hollywood Celebrities Stay in Shape Make your workout fast and furious “Most celebs aren’t gym rats,” says Los Angeles trainer Harley Pasternak, who has worked with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson. “They don’t have time, and they don’t enjoy it because they have to deal with people pulling out their cell phones snapping pictures of them.” Pasternak’s solution: short, high-intensity circuits that sculpt muscle, boost metabolism and can be done anywhere. Halle Berry also swears by short bursts of intense exercise, reveals her trainer, Ramona Braganza. “Halle likes a hard-core 30-minute workout, so I typically do interval training at a high intensity,” says the Los Angeles fitness pro. “This requires you to expend more energy; you can easily burn about 400 calories an hour.” And that doesn’t count the bonus calories you continue to torch after an interval session is over. How Hollywood Celebrities Stay in Shape Have your heart in the right place A heart-rate monitor may sound old-school, but it’s a secret weapon of today’s leading ladies. “When Lauren Graham was trying to get cover-ready for a magazine shoot,” says Lovitt, “I did a combo of interval training, biking and hiking, but used her heart rate as a guide to make sure she was in the fat-burning zone.” That means working out at 60 to 85 percent of your max heart rate, a sweet spot where your body is actively burning fat for energy. “People get frustrated when they’ve been busting their butt, but the weight isn’t budging,” Lovitt says. “A simple change like a heart-rate monitor can help the weight melt right off.” Here’s why: When we don’t pay attention to heart rate, we have no idea if we’re working out too hard or not hard enough, both of which can hinder results, Lovitt explains. She recommends the Pear Mobile Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap ($70; How Hollywood Celebrities Stay in Shape Let your clothes be the judge Going by the scale isn’t the only way to keep an eye on your weight.